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Squeegee's World

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1 September
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My name is Squeegee, and I'm a cat with two gears: Play and Love. Well, there's Sleep and Eat... but those don't really count, right?
I was born sometime in September 2005 and Mama xianexiane and Daddy inefficiencyinefficiency adopted me from the Cleveland County Humane Society on February 24th, 2006. Mama was told that I was about five months old when she brought me home, so she said her Granny's birthdate was as good as any. I dunno what that means, but she promises I'll like the treats I get on that day!
I am a rambunctious, sweet, goofy, loving, and sproingy "classic" grey tabby with white spots and green/amber eyes, or so Mama says. I know I'm the Prince of the house! I especially like my Cat Dancer, and the catnip-stuffed mousies that ladylizbetLizbet makes over at http://www.skittykitty.co.uk/!